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We are a strong digital art and game development studio based in Transylvania, Romania. We are committed to delivering great work and creating the best artistic experiences by bringing our clients’ vision to life! Our team of experienced developers and artists have worked on titles such as Total Conquest, Modern Combat 5, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, Asphalt, Fast 5, Asgard Run, Disco Dave. They can cover all production stages and can enhance your game with brilliant concept work, 3D characters, environments, vehicles and props, including UI and 2D elements. If you have a project you’d like us to help you with, we’re located in Cluj-Napoca, with direct flights linking us to major cities like London, Paris, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Barcelona and more!


This is where your idea takes shape. A strong and efficient pre-visualization work is all about the details, scene layouts and camera shots and leaves room for changes. We make giving art direction easy: by mixing render and real time techniques, we provide you with the flexibility you need to get the desired results and move forward quickly.


Building characters, environments, vehicles and props are the skills we pride ourselves with. Our team of creatives is qualified in sculpting, low and high polygon, texturing, materials and optimization. Our passion and creative drive have kept us on the edge, constantly evolving in tandem with new and well-known industry tools and technologies.

In House Production

We are consistent in creating high-quality digital art as we are committed to bringing your project to life. As your project progresses through the production pipeline, we also provide engine integration services that ensure project completion from idea to final product, from simple to fully-designed games – we address all your game development needs.

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