October 2016

Speedpainting for Halloween

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A Halloween post about speedpainting, with some grisly examples!

September 2016

Steampunk Environment Video

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Have a look at our diorama made in Unreal Engine for our Steampunk themed project.

August 2016

Creating the Africa Fantasy Environment

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This month was spent creating a new environment. We chose an African theme, based on the savanna.

July 2016

Motorcycle Concepts Exploration

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This is one concept I played with a lot and that gave me some trouble!

June 2016

3D Character Sculpting

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Tudor is showcasing the process of sculpting an alien’s head and body in ZBrush. This artwork is a part of a bigger art project of creating a sci-fi city scene that will include several materials, characters and props.

Main Character Concepts

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These are Norbi's speed painting concepts for the main character, a Sci-Fi detective looking for trouble.